Recommendations for using the CRISP Checklist

The CRISP checklist was designed primarily for supporting researchers as they construct the manuscript of their research findings. The checklist supports the researcher to consider different elements of primary care and how this can be best reported for users of their research.

The CRISP checklist may also be useful when conducting peer reviews, planning a new research project, teaching new researchers about primary care, and discussing project plans with researchers from non-primary care backgrounds.

Please cite as:

  • Phillips WR, Sturgiss E, Glasziou P, olde Hartman TC, Orkin AM, Prathivadi P, Reeve J, Russell GM, van Weel C. Improving the reporting of primary care research: Consensus Reporting Items for Studies in Primary Care—the CRISP Statement. Annals of Family Medicine 2023: 3029. DOI: